The course kept a good pace and a wide variety of information on auditing topics was presented in a pragmatic way. Very well done.

Knowledgeable instructors; course well structured; good use of exercises and group projects.

My knowledge of our production system has improved a lot thanks to this seminar (Advanced Quality Management).

I would recommend this course (HACCP Plan Development) the manual; discussions and access to host, training team, and guest speakers was excellent.

I liked that each topic was presented by an expert. Each expert could correlate theory and on-the-job experience for better understanding.

RE: HACCP Prerequisite – “Great workshop; creates a good, basic foundation to learn the HACCP principles

The availability of reference material and expert knowledge of the team members, as well as the mutual team effort on material presentations made for a great workshop.

Newslow workshops always draw a diverse and interesting cross-section of attendees.

Great workshop, information obtained, networking, and access to speakers was excellent! The workshop helped me get my arms around Quality as a whole.

Great group and facilitators. The casual, informal environment and approach made me feel very comfortable and made it easier to learn something that 1had very little knowledge.

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