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Active Magnetics Research

Magnets play an important role in the food safety status of finished product(s) and should be included in every food safety program to assist with removing the physical hazard of magnetic metal fragments from product streams. Therefore, it is important, to ensure that magnets are at the specified strength in the right location and positioned correctly in the process to ensure maximum efficiency. If your plant does not have any magnets, it is an important point to consider as using magnets will reduce contamination risk in your products and improve your product food safety. Magnets can also minimize downtime by preventing equipment damage. Statements are sometimes made that magnets can “last forever”, but this is not always the case. This is why magnets should be tested yearly to ensure they are within specifications and any cause of demagnetization identified and corrected.


Just like metal detectors or X-ray devices, magnets control the food safety quality of ingredients and/or finished product(s). The difference is that magnets typically extract smaller particles than a metal detector or X-ray device.


Active Magnetics Research (AMR) is the authority on metal fragment control for HACCP International. AMR conducts annual and semi-annual magnet strength checks on over 90 food manufacturing companies across Australia and also assist in metal fragment analysis and recommendations in other food related manufacturing sites around the world.


Magnet validation and magnet strength checks are essential to maintain magnet efficiency over time and detect premature loss of magnet strength in critical areas.


Some “Rare Earth” magnets can lose strength quickly, especially some cheap imported units. Some may be only 6,000 gauss. Others of 10,000 gauss may have risky pole centre’s as far apart as 25mm, even 30mm along 25mm dia magnet bars. Therefore, periodic magnet checks using authentic gauss meters of current validity and correct magnet validation Gauss check procedures are essential to reducing risks of metal fragment contamination.


AMR and its licensed associates carry out Magnet Validation Reports using currently calibrated instruments, using procedures and documentation internationally endorsed by recognized HACCP authorities. HACCP endorsed magnet testing involves our trained technicians visiting your site to conduct the magnet testing with a currently calibrated gauss meter. We test each individual magnet by direct contact with the magnet. We also conduct a risk analysis of the area for magnetic separation.


We are proud to be partnered with AMR and we welcome them into our DLN Partner family!

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