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FSSC 22000 - Implementation and Awareness

This 20 hour interactive course provides an excellent foundation for understanding the requirements for implementation, maintenance and sustainability of a compliant and effective FSSC 22000 food safety management system. It is applicable to either implementing or maintaining a system compliant with an approved GFSI food safety Certified Program Owner (CPO, formerly known as schemes). This material is invaluable for those who are interested in enhancing their understanding by learning practical applications for various best practices. Debby provides insight, based on not only years of first-hand experience, but also on her book: Food Safety Management Programs: Applications, Best Practices, and Compliance. In addition, we will discuss and answer questions on the relationship between FSSC 22000 compliance and the new FSMA regulations issued by the FDA which pertain to Preventive Controls for Human Food (21CFR117).

We cover the current version of FSSC 22000 as well as ISO 22000:2018 in this workshop! Come and learn what’s new!

Who Will Benefit

Food safety managers, plant managers, food safety team leaders, internal audit team members, line supervisors, quality control, quality assurance managers and any other associates interested in learning more about implementing, maintaining and continuously improving a compliant and effective FSSC 22000 food safety management system will benefit. This course also benefits those who would like more information on FSSC 22000 vs. the new FSMA Preventive Controls regulation issued by the FDA. We will focus on the needs of each individual attendee in regards to their company and industry sector.

What You Will Learn

  • In-depth understanding of the FSSC 22000 standards (ISO 22000, ISO 22002-1, FSSC additional requirements).

  • Understanding HACCP

  • Emphasis is on the “three-legged stool”: Effective management review, corrective action, and internal audit programs are the foundations of a value-added program.

  • Role of effective Prerequisite programs (PRPs) in your food safety system.

  • An overview of the relationship between FSSC 22000 and the FSMA Preventive Controls regulation, which was issued by the FDA.

  • Ability to review various elements related to Concerns, Common Audit Findings and Best Practices for compliance and sustainability.

If you are interested in having us present a workshop specifically designed for your organization at your own site, please call us at (407) 290-2754 or contact us below.


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