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ISO 9001:2015

We invite you to join us in learning more about the ISO 9001:2015 management system standard which specifies the requirements for a Quality Management System. The latest ISO management system standards all share the same high-level structure (HLS), which was introduced in ISO 9001:2015. Mastery of this course will have the added benefit of introduction to the most current ISO HLS, which can then be extrapolated to understanding and compliance with other standards such as ISO 22000:2018, Food Safety Management Systems. We always offer hands-on activities to help you understand how to apply the standard. Bring your system with you to class and work on it with the benefit of assistance from our expert teaching staff.

Who Will Benefit

Employees of a company that desires to become certified to any ISO management system standard will benefit from this introduction to the ISO high-level structure, as will managers, supervisors, and staff responsible for any portion of the development, maintenance, or updating of a quality management system. Even companies that do not wish to seek certification may benefit from learning the principles behind management systems and why they make good business sense.

What You Will Learn

  • How to apply the principles of a management system standard to consistently produce products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

  • Tools to help you in the transition from older versions of the standard to the most recent release.

  • Gain a solid understanding of the contents of a quality management system, as well as strategies to develop and apply the principles in your organization.

  • Hands-on activities where you practice applying the principles learned in class will be provided, so you have examples of applications to use when you return home.

  • How to assure quality in your organization from receipt of raw materials through on-time and in-spec shipment of finished products.

  • Reduce overhead and operating costs by applying the principles of data-driven continuous improvement to your processes.

  • Assure statutory and regulatory compliance so you can breathe easy when any inspection is announced.

If you are interested in having us present a workshop specifically designed for your organization at your own site, please call us at (407) 290-2754 or contact us below.


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