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Food Safety and Kids

Why teaching your kids about food safety is so important!

Food poisoning is a serious health issue, especially for young children. They are more likely to get sick from eating contaminated food and develop severe complications. One of the most dangerous bacteria that can cause food poisoning is E. coli 0157. This bacterium can produce a toxin that damages the red blood cells and the kidneys. About 14% of children who get infected with E. coli 0157 develop hemolytic uremic syndrome, which is a life-threatening condition that can lead to kidney failure.

Similarly, Salmonella can cause severe diarrhea, fever, and dehydration in young children. They are three times more likely to be hospitalized than other age groups. Therefore, it is important to prevent food poisoning in young children by following safe food handling practices and avoiding high-risk foods.

Here are some websites to help teach your kids about Food Safety and its importance:

  • If you are looking for a fun and educational way to teach your kids about food safety, you might want to check out this web site called Stop Foodborne Illness. They have created a story called Rylee & Rusty discuss food safety: for kids, where two cartoon characters explain the basics of how to prevent food poisoning. Rylee and Rusty are friends who know that some foods can make them sick if they are not handled properly. They talk about the importance of washing an apple before you eat it and more. They also explain what E. coli is and why it is dangerous, using simple words and examples that kids can understand. Food safety is an important topic that affects everyone's health and well-being. By reading Rylee & Rusty's story, you and your kids can learn how to enjoy food without risking illness. Visit Food Safety Videos and Downloadable Factsheets| STOP ( today and discover more about this amazing web site and what they offer about food safety and you.


  • is a website that provides educational resources for children to learn about food safety. One of the features of the website is a cartoon character named BAC, who explains what bacteria are and how they can affect health. BAC helps children understand the importance of preventing foodborne illnesses and how to do it. They also offer award-winning Curricula for all school-aged children. Food Safety Classroom Materials | Fight BAC! The Partnership for Food Safety Education also created Kid-Friendly Placemats that you can download and print for free. The placemats feature The Story of Your Dinner, which is a series of games that show your kids how to prevent foodborne illnesses. You can find more information about the placemats and other food safety tips on their website:



We hope these resources will help you keep you and your children safe from foodborne illnesses.

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