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World Food Safety Day!

We here at D.L. Newslow & Associates, Inc. would like to take a moment to observe World Food Safety Day. June 7th each year was designated as World Food Safety Day by the United Nations. The first World Food Safety Day was observed in 2018, and we’re happy to see broader recognition of the importance of food safety.

If you’re here visiting our blog, we’re sure you’re aware that food safety is so very important for health at home and around the world. Foodborne illnesses can be serious, especially for children, the elderly, and the otherwise vulnerable. Our food is handled by many people in many places before it gets to our homes and restaurant tables, and the more people who are passionate about food safety, the better our health is protected! Food safety is a global issue, and we all want to be doing our part.

In that vein, we’d like to encourage you to share about World Food Safety Day on your social media. Food safety doesn’t stop at the door of your home. You can find social media templates and educational materials at the FDA’s website at the following address:

For those in the food sector, we encourage you to check out our training options and workshops. We have many options so that you can choose the one that works best for you and your business, from online trainings to on-site workshops customized to your needs.


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