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Author: Debby L. Newslow


The value of an effective, well-defined food safety management system is priceless. Based on the requirements of the current GFSI approved food safety system schemes along with key elements from other standards such as ISO 900I, this text provides a collection of participation-based tools that can be applied to the development, implementation, and maintenance of an effective value-added management-based system in the food industry.


Some of the subjects covered in this book include:

  • Explanation of key points for choosing the most effective food safety management-based system for a specific organization or food sector.
  • Information to help readers understand the standards and make the best choice for their organization
  • Specific requirements for maintaining an effective management system
  • How to identify and address compliance gaps in the system
  • Ways to integrate existing resources effectively
  • Application of the ISO protocol to food safety management standards
  • Examples of common findings based on specific elements that can be used as proactive training tools
  • References to ISO 9001, HACCP-based guidelines (Codex Alimentarius) and various prerequisite programs and how these fit in or apply to a structured food safety management system
  • Sharing of actual case study narratives from subject matter experts and their real-life experiences
  • Product Details:
    Paperback: 382 pages
    Publisher: CRC Press December 27, 2013
    Language: English
    ISBN: 9781439826799

Food Safety Management Programs: Applications, Best Practices, and Compliance

  • Food Safety Management Programs: Applications, Best Practices, and Compliance. (Hardcover)

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