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TWI:2018 International Standard Overview

The TWI:2018 International Standard provides guidelines to be used to ensure that a company’s training management system is capable of supporting effective, efficient and lasting training methodology to ensure the ability to achieve customer requirements of quality product and service.


This overview of the standard provides information on how to implement processes that comply with the TWI:2018 International Standard. This includes planning, documentation assistance, training and coaching activities involved in the implementation of a training management system. Additionally, the workshop covers how to ensure that the processes that have been put in place comply with the international standard and are actually practiced in daily operations. We will also discuss what to expect during a  certification audit, common pitfalls, and strategies for success.

Expected Outcome

The company will benefit from understanding how implementing the TWI:2018 Standard can:

  • Shorten training time

  • Standardize processes for training employees

  • Reduce turn-over

  • Reduce scrap

  • Provide higher quality

  • Support less machine downtime

  • Provide international recognition

  • Ensure a sustained, repeatable training process

  • Provide a significant return on investment (ROI)

Suggested Participants: Senior Leadership

Duration: One half day (4 hours)

Location: We can offer this training at your location or ours (we are located in Orlando, Florida but do travel). If you are interested in having us present a workshop specifically designed for your organization at your own site, please call us at (407) 290-2754 or contact us below.


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