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Time is running out to book our Intentional Adulteration and Food Defense II - Advanced

We are even offering a virtual live viewing of our Food Defense II – Advanced. Don’t miss out.

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 In the rapidly evolving field of food safety, staying informed and trained is paramount. D.L. Newslow & Associates, Inc. offers a comprehensive course on Intentional Adulteration: Instructor Lance Roberie and Food Defense II - Advanced: Instructor Rod Wheeler, designed to equip participants with the latest knowledge and hands-on experience. The course is led by expert instructors who are not only versed in the theoretical aspects of food defense but also bring a wealth of practical insights. For those who prefer or require in-person learning, the course is held at the convenient location of Drury Inn & Suites in Orlando, where attendees can also enjoy discounted accommodation rates for in-person attendance. This arrangement ensures that participants can focus on their learning experience without the added stress of finding suitable lodging.


For professionals unable to attend in person, D.L. Newslow & Associates, Inc. shows its commitment to accessibility by offering a virtual attendance option for Food Defense II - Advanced course only. This allows for a wider reach, ensuring that distance or scheduling conflicts do not hinder the opportunity for advancement in this critical area. The virtual session is not a mere afterthought; it is a fully realized educational experience, complete with the same high-quality instruction as the in-person workshop. It is a live viewing of our in-person workshop. Rod Wheeler, a respected figure in the field, leads the virtual course, ensuring that all participants, regardless of their location, receive the best possible instruction.


The urgency in booking cannot be overstated, as the field of food safety is one that demands constant vigilance and up-to-date knowledge. The courses offered by D.L. Newslow & Associates, Inc. are not just educational opportunities; they are investments in professional development and, ultimately, public health. The rarely offered live virtual option shows the importance of prompt action to secure a place in these valuable sessions. Whether in person or online, participants are guaranteed an enriching experience that will enhance their capabilities in food defense, benefiting their careers and the communities they serve. To book a class or for more information, interested individuals are encouraged to contact D.L. Newslow & Associates, Inc. directly or make sure while booking to answer yes or no to virtual or in-person viewing.

Below are our up-and-coming courses for next week. Intentional Adulteration and Food Defense II - Advanced.


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