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Food Safety Smart Apps

Can Food Safety Smart Apps Keep You Healthy and Safe?

Food Safety Apps, by D.L. Newslow & Associates. Scan, Monitor, Track.

If you're a food lover, you know how important it is to keep your food safe and fresh. But how do you know if your food is still good to eat, or if bacteria, viruses, or other harmful agents have contaminated it? That's where food safety smart apps come in handy!

Food safety smart apps are applications that you can download on your smartphone or tablet, and use to scan, monitor, and track your food. They can help you avoid food poisoning, food waste, and food fraud. We did a search and following are some of the food safety smart apps that you can try in 2024:

  • FoodSniffer: This app uses a sensor that you attach to your phone's camera, and analyzes the gases emitted by your food. They claim it can tell you if your food is fresh, spoiled, or adulterated. You can use it to check meat, fish, eggs, cheese, and more. FOODsniffer (

  • FoodKeeper: This app says it helps you store your food properly and keep track of its shelf life. It gives you tips on how to store distinct types of food and sends you reminders of when your food is about to expire. You can also scan barcodes of packaged foods to get more information. FoodKeeper - Apps on Google Play and here is a link from the FDA on this particular app FoodKeeper App |

  • Tellspecopedia:  This app claims to be a dynamic, up-to-date consumer resource for objective, evidence-based information on thousands of global food ingredients and their impact on health. Search food labels for ingredients or food components and learn their impact on your health. You can download Tellspecopedia on Google play. Tellspecopedia - Apps on Google Play

  • FoodDetective: This app says it uses simple tests for detecting adulteration in food, vegetables, fruits, spices, and dairy products. All tests can be performed at home without any scientific skills or materials. It claims that you can protect yourself from harmful effects of chemical adulterants found in milk, ghee, oils, spices, tea, coffee etc. Check green vegetables if they are colored with chemical green colors, check fruits for waxes etc. Even ways to test your fruit to see if was ripened with toxic carbides. Food Detective - Apps on Google Play.

These apps claim to be able to assist you in avoiding food poisoning and waste. They state that you are able to scan barcodes to get info on ingredients, allergens, and recalls. They provide a means for you to track expiration dates and receive reminders before food goes bad. Some also aid in discovering new recipes and tips to cook safely and deliciously. These apps have heightened our curiosity, we haven't tried them ourselves. At this point, I am not sure how these were developed and their link to science. If you do decide to test these; please share your experiences and thoughts with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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