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Advanced HACCP Course

Join us for HACCP & Advanced HACCP D.L. Newslow & Assocates Inc.

We have some great news for you: our Advanced HACCP Course is back! This course was a huge hit before the pandemic, and now it's even better. We have updated our content and made it more engaging and interactive. We want to hear from you, our potential attendees, about what topics you want to learn more about. So please, email us your suggestions and questions and we will try to incorporate them into the course. Whether you are new to this course or a returning participant, you will find something new and valuable in our Advanced HACCP Course. Don't miss this opportunity to join us in Orlando on January 24-25th. You can register online or call us - we offer discounts for multiple attendees. And if you want to refresh your basic HACCP knowledge, you can also sign up for our Basic HACCP Workshop on January 22-23rd and get 50% off the Advanced HACCP Course. As we create our agenda and identify our guest speakers, the following are some of the topics that we plan to include.

  • The 12 steps of HACCP

  • Developing a positive food safety culture

  • The role of Prerequisite Programs in Food Safety

  • GMP Compliance

    • Creating an effective GMP monitoring audit and more

  • What do we expect from an effective Pest Control program

    • Challenging your pest control program

  • Allergen Management

  • Supplier Management

  • Cleaning and Sanitation

    • How do we manage an effective cleaning and Sanitation program

  • Risk Analysis - applying it to our food safety programs

    • Environmental Monitoring, food defense, food fraud, cleaning frequencies,

  • Preparing for GFSI audit and Regulatory Inspections in a world of unannounced audits

    • After the audit Corrections vs. Corrective Actions

    • Developing Preventive Actions

  • Sanitary Design

Click on the Workshop Courses below for more details. Make sure to call or email us before booking both Workshops to get your 50% off on the Advanced HACCP Course.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain new skills and connect with other professionals! We have a variety of workshops coming up in the next few months that will help you grow your career and achieve your goals. Click here to browse our workshops and register for the ones that interest you.


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