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August Public Food Safety Workshops.

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

From the desk of CEO D.L. Newslow, discussing the up-and-coming public Food Safety workshops for the month of August.

Classroom representing D.L. Newslow & Associates, Inc. in-person food safety workshops and classes.

I am happy to have this opportunity to share with you information on our four public workshops that we are presenting in August. Each offers you the opportunity to expand your knowledge supporting your position with your company as well as to further your own personal understanding of Food Safety 2023.


August 8th and 9th: FSPCA, PCQI for Human Food

The Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) designed this workshop. It is the only curriculum recognized by the FDA for the preventive controls for human food (PCQI) requirement. Taught by a FSPCA Lead Instructor, participants receive an official FSPCA Preventive Controls Qualified Individual for Human Food certificate issued by the International Food Training Institute (IFPTI).

August 10th: Intentional Adulteration

This is a course that the current environment demands we attend: This FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) final rule is extending the concept of food defense to include the prevention of intentional adulteration from acts intended to cause wide-scale harm to public health, including acts of terrorism targeting the food supply. This course is taught by a qualified FSPCA lead instructor (Lance Roberie) who has gone through a qualification process which includes professional food defense experience, an entrance exam and a presentation skills assessment.

August 28th and 29th: FS HACCP Plan Development

The purpose of this class is to provide attendees with a firm understanding of the basic principles of HACCP and how it pertains to their various industries. Each attendee will receive a completion certificate with the IHA (International HACCP Alliance) Gold Seal. We will adjust the curriculum based on the attendees which may include FS HACCP for Food Grade Tanker Wash facilities and for an overview of Juice HACCP (21 CFR 120) and its relationship to basic HACCP requirements.

August 30th and 31st: ADVANCED HACCP

Wow, the last time this course was presented as a public course was pre-pandemic. This course focuses on key PRP programs and key subjects that are in the forefront in today’s world of food safety. The curriculum will be adjusted based on requests from our attendees.

Call us for discounts for attending multiple workshops!

Kindly join us at The Drury Inn and Suites, Orlando. Thank you!

Debby L Newslow

Please feel free to contact us to register or learn more.

407-290-2754 -


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