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by David E. Gombas, Ph.D. and Kenneth E. Stevenson, Ph.D.


Verification continues to be the least understood of the seven HACCP principles. Moreover, validation, a component of verification, continues to torment HACCP teams as they try to determine cost-effective and regulatory-adequate validation procedures for critical control points and their HACCP plans. Written by Dr. David E. Gombas and Dr. Kenneth E. Stevenson, this manual walks you through this HACCP principle, providing examples and suggestions on how to design a HACCP verification system for your company. Contents Include:


  • Overview of HACCP
  • Verification of prerequisite programs
  • CCP verification
  • Verification of HACCP systems
  • Validation and reassessment of the HACCP plan
  • Auditing HACCP programs
  • HACCP regulations in the United States 2000


Product details


  • 268 pp.
  • 2nd Edition, 2000
  • English
  • ISBN 0-937774-28-6

HACCP Verification and Validation – 2nd Edition

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