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food safety, food defense, food defense II - advanced & Intentional adulteration in- person workshops. Presented by D.L. Newslow & Associates, Inc.

The Intentional Adulteration workshop and the Food Defense II - Advanced courses offer valuable opportunities for food business operators to enhance their understanding and implementation of protective measures against intentional adulteration. The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) final rule is a critical framework aimed at safeguarding the food supply from acts of terrorism and sabotage. By attending these sessions, participants can gain insights into the latest strategies and practices in food defense.

Rod Wheeler is a recognized expert in the field of food defense, bringing a wealth of experience from his background in criminal investigations to the forefront of protecting our food supply. As a key figure in the Global Food Defense Institute, Wheeler has been instrumental in developing training programs and strategies to safeguard against intentional adulteration and acts of violence within food facilities. His work includes conducting vulnerability assessments and creating crisis management plans, which are crucial for ensuring the safety and security of the food industry. The importance of food defense is paramount, as it involves the prevention of deliberate contamination or tampering of food products, which can have serious public health and economic consequences. Wheeler's contributions to this field reflect a proactive approach to managing potential threats and ensuring that food safety is maintained at the highest level.

The Food Defense Level II-Advanced course, led by Rod Wheeler and his team, is a comprehensive program designed to equip participants with the skills necessary to protect the food supply chain. This 2-day course is loaded with the following topics:

  • Creating a Culture of Food Defense

  • Building an Emergency Management Program

  • Conducting Advanced Site Vulnerability Assessments using Process Flow and HACCP Diagrams

  • Conducting Investigations

  • Conducting Online Background Searches/Using the Internet tools

  • Cargo Security and Unlawful Transportation 

  • Best mitigation strategies to match site security vulnerabilities. 

  • Conducting Tampering Interviews/Understanding Body Language

  • CCTV/Camera Operations, Usage and Placement 

  • Best Practices for using Visitor management Systems.

  • Conducting Advanced Active Shooter/Assailant Response Drills

  • Cybersecurity & Ransomware Awareness

  • Emergency Management Business Continuity Planning 

  • Much, much more!!

Lance Roberie is a recognized expert in the field of food safety and quality, with over two decades of experience in the industry. He has a wealth of knowledge in quality assurance, regulatory compliance and food defense, offering training and consulting services to ensure the integrity of food systems. His work in developing comprehensive food defense plans and conducting vulnerability assessments is crucial in safeguarding our food supply against intentional adulteration and other threats. Through his leadership, Roberie contributes significantly to the culture of food safety and quality in the food production sector.

The Intentional Adulteration course is led by Lance Roberie. What skill can students expect to learn? This is a 1-day course on April 23, 2024. Attendees of the intentional adulteration class will learn the following:

  • Overview of Food Defense measures

  • Vulnerability assessment preliminary steps

  • How to consider inherent characteristics in your operation

  • Consideration of an inside attacker

  • Element 1: Evaluating the potential health impact of potential adulteration

  • Element 2: Evaluating the degree of physical access to the product

  • Element 3: Evaluating the ability of an inside attacker to successfully contaminate product

  • Identifying actionable process steps

  • Using the hybrid method

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