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Where is Debby Newslow in May? At the FAFP Annual Education Conference.

Are you going to be at the FAFP Annual Education Conference?

Debby Newslow will be at the FAFP Annual Education Conference

May is an exciting month for professionals in the food protection industry, especially those eager to gain insights into the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) auditing updates. One of the spotlights shines on Debby Newslow, a prominent figure in the field, as she prepares to grace the Florida Associates for Food Protection (FAFP) Annual Education Conference (AEC).


Debby Newslow, whose expertise and leadership have been pivotal in shaping food safety standards, will be delivering a lecture on the latest GFSI Auditing updates. Scheduled for May 16th, 2024, this lecture is a must-attend for anyone involved in food safety and quality assurance. It's a unique opportunity to hear directly from a seasoned expert about the evolving landscape of food safety & quality audits and what it means for the industry.


But the engagement doesn't end with the lecture. Debby Newslow will also be present at her booth on May 15th and 16th, offering a rare chance for one-on-one interactions. Attendees can drop by to say hello, discuss industry challenges, or seek advice on food safety and quality practices. It's a personal touch that underscores her commitment to the field and to fostering a community of practice.


The FAFP Annual Education Conference itself is a hub of knowledge and networking, bringing together professionals from various sectors within food protection. D.L. Newslow & Associates, Inc., known for their comprehensive training and consulting services, will be at the heart of the event, highlighting what they have to offer to the industry. From cutting-edge training programs to consulting services that help businesses achieve and maintain compliance with food safety standards, their presence is a beacon for continuous improvement and excellence in food protection.


So, mark your calendars for an enriching experience at the FAFP Annual Education Conference. Whether you're there to absorb the wisdom from the presenters or to engage with the array of professionals dedicated to safeguarding our food, this event promises to be a cornerstone for professional development and industry advancement. See you there!

Just a reminder of some of our up-and-coming in-person workshops.


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